Chris Allieri is a frequent industry commentator and contributor.  Recent press includes:

The Washington Post: Open Carry Ban-Customers at Walmart, Kroger & Other Retailers Threaten to Shop Elsewhere

CNBC: Wayfair Employees Walk Out, Customers Call for Boycott

The Washington Post: Wayfair Walkout Signals Rising Expectations for Companies to Take a Stand

The Financial Times: Tabloid Attack Sees Jeff Bezos Take on Trump

The Wall Street Journal: How Did Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Do? Crisis-Management Experts Weigh In

The New York Times: Early Signs Suggest Trump's Actions Are Taking a Toll on Trump Brand

Business Insider: Leaked Wayfair Documents Reveal Massive Racial Disparity in Company Leadership…

MarketWatch: Wayfair Employees Walk Out Over Border Outrage, and Company’s Response to Backlash is all Wrong

Business Insider: Brand Experts Say Gillette Has Hit a Home Run Latest Ad Addressing the #MeToo Movement

The Financial Times: Bezos Complexified

Associated Press: CBS Exec’s Downfall Shows the Power -- and Limits — of #MeToo

The Financial Times: A Messy Digital Footprint Can Cost You a Job

Fox Business News: Amazon Faces Little Threat From Bezos Drama, Experts Say

Fortune: Kevin Hart Out as Oscar Host

The Financial Times: Nike Rolls the Dice on Polarising NFL Figure and Social Activist

Adweek: Why Nike’s 30th Anniversary Ad Featuring Colin Kaepernick is a Worthwhile Risk

Digiday: ‘PR Outreach’: Amazon’s New Small-businesses Play is Panned as Pandering

Business Insider: Papa John's Founder-driven PR Nightmare Reminds Branding Experts of Uber's 2017 Fiasco

The Financial Times: Facebook's Zuckerberg Pulls Off Acrobatics at Congressional Circus

The Wall Street Journal: CMO Today - Zuckerberg's Senate Grilling

Business Insider: 'Few Companies Can Afford to Anger That Many Consumers and Survive': Branding Experts Say Nike May Have Gotten Exactly What It Wanted with its Controversial New Colin Kaepernick Ad

The Los Angeles Times: As Uber Death is Investigated, its Chief Faces a Crossroads on Driverless Tech

The Financial Times: Students Take the Lead in U.S. Gun Control Debate

Vox: How Nike’s Colin Kaepernick Ad Explains Branding in the Post-Trump Era

Thoughts & Prayers Podcast: Marketing for Change with Chris Allieri

USA Today: U.S. Companies Put Aside Trump Trade Angst to Work with White House on Job Training

Adweek: As Many Companies Distance Themselves from the NRA, Is This a Watershed Moment for Branding?

The Associated Press: Selling Public Service or Rams? Firm Defends Super Bowl Spot

The Washington Post: Dick's Sporting Goods Took a Stand On Gun Sales - And Made a Big Statement

Entrepreneur: Five Lessons on Taking a Stand You Can Learn From Patagonia

The Wall Street Journal: Videos of Man Dragged Off United Flight Spark Backlash

Business Insider: Trump is Spurring an Unprecedented Change for American Companies  

The Los Angeles Times: Corporate America Voices Its Strongest Repudiation of Trump, Councils Disband

Forbes: What Should Marketers Do When the President Tweets About Them?  Nothing. 

USA Today: What Will it Take for YouTube to Kick Off Logan Paul?

Tearsheet: Inside Aspiration's 'Values-Based' Marketing Strategy

Business Insider: Dove's 'Racist' Ad Might Have Cost the Brand an Advantage it Spent 13 Years Building

Financial Times: Hollywood Hitmaker Weinstein Company Fights For Survival

Business Insider: Google's Decisive Response to Its Sexism Crisis Makes Uber Look Even More Flat-Footed

Business Insider: What Brands Can Learn From Uber - and Travis Kalanick's - Spectacular Rise and Fall

The Financial Times: United Continental: Customer Carelessness

Business Insider: Uber is Blowing the Door Open for its Toughest Competition

The Financial Times: Sparks Social Media Storm After Man Dragged Off Flight 

Digiday: Not Something That Can Be Spun: United is a Brand in Crisis

The Financial Times: Consumers Turn Shopping Into a Political Statement

Tearsheet: SoFi Battles its First Major PR Crisis

Holmes Report: Why the NRA Doesn't Need WPP to Drive It's Ferociously Powerful PR Machine

The Financial Times: Pepsi Withdraws Kendall Jenner Ad After Social Media Backlash

Digiday: Brand Crises on Steroids - Why Uber is the Trump of Brands

Business Insider: Starbucks Has Become a Target of Trump-loving Conservatives - And That's Great News for the Brand

Mashable: Can PewDiePie Survive Without Maker Studios, YouTube?

Engadget: Trump's Nordstrom Tweet Isn't Illegal, But It's Still a Problem

MediaPost:  Lessons From Uber, Starbucks: Will Hashtagtivism Disrupt Your Business? 

Marketing Dive: Trump's Impact on Brands - The Story So Far

PRWeek:  PR Industry Condemns 'Alternative Facts' Concept